Learning Management System

One of the strongest domains we have worked in for over 10 years is EdTech. Our Learning Management System offers several features such as Courses (with SCORM support), Class Schedules, Training Sessions (Virtual and Physical), Learning Paths, Assessments, Compliance Path, Certificates, Transcripts, Dashboard, and many more features.

The Learning Management System has a personalization feature that enables setup of logo, font, and menu style based on client requirements without any code changes. It allows custom fields and the ability to change key field names from the configuration console.

Liquidity Management System

This product helps Treasury department of Bank and corporate to have a graphical view in the form of Tree structure showing hierarchical arrangements of bank accounts and how funds can be managed based on various methods, such as Fixed Sweep, Zero Balance, and so on. This solution integrates with core banking system (CBS) and maintains synchronization among the system. So Multiple transactions based on predefined logic helps banks offer value added feature to its corporate customers.

Insurance and Asset Management Solution

A cloud-based software platform designed to handle exposure, claims, and policy data, consolidating them into a unified database accessible to insurance companies. This solution streamlines the conventional method of manual data collection and reliance on spreadsheets, replacing it with digitized data gathering and questionnaires. By doing so, it facilitates the simplification of the insurance renewal process, ultimately decreasing the time and errors typically associated with renewal procedures.

Management Dashboard

For Executive management for a bank, we designed mobile app that shows, the details in form Indian map, various region, states etc.

The dashboard shows birds eye view of the entire view for major elements of bank, this help analyzing which area bank is performing better and/or which state bank needs to improve


Our Procurement tool is designed for simplifying the procurement process for goods and services, it ensures configuration of currency, taxation, client logo and other personalization. EProc covers purchase requisition to order completion i.e. goods/service receipt or delivered life cycle, it offers spend analysis, vendor watch and other reports to ensure transparency within the organization. The tool is designed with 4 eye, 6 eye process to ensure multiple checks and record all the evidence for purchase.