Transforming Your Tech Needs into Solutions: Techie as a Service

With Techie as a Service' from Tripund Solutions, you can efficiently onboard the right talent for your project, saving time and resources while ensuring project success. Reach out to us today to learn more about how we can support your resource needs.



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Share Resource Requirement

Understanding resource requirements involves several key factors, such as technical skill sets, budget constraints, notice periods, experience levels, preferred location, whether the work will be online or offline, geographical considerations, contract duration, and any compliance requirements.


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Candidate Shortlisting

Based on client requirements, we carefully shortlist matching profiles and conduct an initial level of filtration.


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Candidate interviews

From the shortlisted candidates, we conduct interviews to assess their communication skills, understand their overall work experience, and address any additional questions that the client may have. This includes confirming details such as shift timings, working days, and any other specific requirements.


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Candidate Presentation

Once the initial technical and personal evaluations are complete, we share the shortlisted profiles with the client for the final evaluation round. Additionally, we facilitate setting up interview dates and times, coordinating the availability of both the client interview panel and the candidates to ensure a seamless interview process for all parties involved.


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Candidate Hired,works on your project

Based on the feedback received from the client interview round, we proceed to assign the candidate to the client. Tripund Solutions takes care of all employment-related formalities, including salary issuance, taxation, document verification, and any necessary replacements in case of non-performance or other issues during employment.